The first ever community in the Lyngngam Hills is Umdang. It is  a small village about 60 kms from Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills District. It is about 156 kms from Shillong, where the Provincial house is situated. It is in the remote corner of West Khasi Hills and it is still very much backward in all aspects.

Umdang is inhabited by two main tribes; namely the Khasis and the Garos. 90 percent of the population is Catholic. It is the fourth mission centre of the Province in West Khasi Hills. The school appertaining to the Diocese caters to the educational needs of the village children from class Nursery to Class X.

It was on June 30th 2006 that this new centre was opened with the three privilege pioneers namely: Sr. Maristella Ryngkhlem, as Animator, Sr. Provina Lyngkhoi and Sr. Catherine Sutnga.


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