Under the leadership of Sr. Felicita Sungoh, the community of Nongstoin was officially started on 25th January 1977. The primary mission was Catechesis, Village Touring, Health Care, Boarding House for the girls and family visits.

Today St. Peter's has the best dispensary in the Province. The boarding has grown into a sizeable hostel for schoolgirls. The Parish Higher Secondary School is being looked after and administered by the Sisters.

The Past Pupils Association and that of the Salesian Co-operators are an added boon to the work.


Teaching in the Parish School Parish Catechesis
Oratory Dispensary
Work room Family visits
Salesian Co-operators Boarding
Kinder Garten School - Mawroh Village Touring
Parish Ministry Past Pupils
NIOS Rickets Programme Centre
Job Placement Pastoral Care for Domestic workers
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