The Salesian Sisters started the work at Mawkyndeng on 7th January 1991 when Fr. Francis Kalanari was the Parish Priest. The two first pioneers were Sr. Felicita Syngngoh and Sr. Pasqualina Susngi. The first thing that the sisters did after their arrival was the repairing of the existing building which was in a very bad condition.

The Parish was without any Religious Sisters since 1986. Three religious congregations have had to leave the place for various reasons. The Salesian Sisters were asked to take care of the spiritual, educational and medical needs of the people.



Teaching in the Parish School Family visits
Parish Catechesis Oratory
Dispensary MCH Programme
Mobile Dispensary Creche
Salesian Co-operators Boarding
Parish Ministry Vocational Training School
Primary School Middle School
Village Touring Evening School
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