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Go! You are sent forth…

02 July 2017 - On the 30th June 2017, the Salesian Sisters of Shillong Province kept a day of thanksgiving for the two missionaries, Sr. Catherine Sutnga and Sr. Eugenia Bareh at Auxilium Convent Nongthymmai. “Go and proclaim” was the guiding theme of the day.

The Holy Eucharist was the center of the day’s celebration in which was presided by Rev. Fr. Glorius Syiemlieh SDB, Parish Priest of Nongthymmai Parish. At the introduction before Mass, the two sisters approached the altar with a lighted candle and a ship respectively. A lighted candle symbolized the light of Christ, which they have received at Baptism and the two Sisters are called in a special way to be witnesses of the light of Christ to others by the integrity of their lives. A ship represented a journey, an adventure and exploration. This also reminded everyone present of the first missionary expedition of our first sisters. In the like manner the two sisters too are ready for a voyage to an unfamiliar land and unknown people. In the homily Fr. Glorious spoke on the theme, “go and proclaim”. He also highlighted on the word Missionary i.e. to be sent. A touching sight was the special prayer of blessing for the Missionaries in which they knelt down in front and everyone extended their hands towards them in prayer. We concluded the day with a short program by the sisters and the Pre-aspirants of Auxilium convent Nongthymmai. The two sisters addressed their words of appreciation and thanks to all and this was followed by the speech from Sr. Isabella Suja, Provincial with a message ‘Have no fear’. We thanked God for their unique call and for their courageous “Yes” to be missionaries to a far – off land, ready to serve with generosity and love to the people of God. Present on the occasion were the family members of the new missionaries who too support them in their vocational journey at all times.



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