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Mother Yvonne encounters the Sisters with Temporary Vows

09 April 2017 - On the last day of the visit, 9 April 2017 Mother Yvonne encountered the young and vibrant Sisters of the Province at Auxilium Convent, Nongthymmai - Shillong. Of the 62 Sisters with Temporary Vows four are in Guwahati Province for their studies so present for the occasion were 58 in all. Mother expressed her great joy to be able to meet each of them in person and the same excitement was also seen in the sisters who longed to meet La Madre.

Mother General spoke to the Sisters from the overflow of her love and concern for the growth and strengthening of the vocational journey of each one. She reminded them about their vocation as a personal call from God and told them that vocation is a sign of His presence. Mother exhorted them to love Jesus with an undivided heart. Seeing many young faces Mother was moved to tears recalling God’s generosity in sending many vocations to the Province. She encouraged the Sisters to live their identity as consecrated persons particularly the Salesian characteristic - Education of the Young. Placing the co-foundress St. Mary Mazzarello as a model, Mother Yvonne asked all her daughters to cultivate the virtue of humility and love, which are the requisite for the journey to holiness. The stipulated time of one hour passed quickly but the motherly heart never seemed to be tired of sharing, guiding and encouraging her daughters whom she considered as the most important group of Sisters in the Province.

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