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Grazie and Buon Viaggio La Madre!

09 April 2017 - 9 April 2017 witnessed the visit of Mother General to Umpohliew Jingstad Convent, Mawtnum en route to Guwahati. This was the final stopped over in our Province. The Sisters, Salesian Cooperators and the boarders who were waiting for her warmly welcomed her with mixed feelings of joy and the pain of departure. They expressed this joy through the Action Song splendidly performed to express their love and affection for Mother.

In her short message Mother said that she was happy to meet them in their home and she hopes that they are happy in their home. To this the boarder responded loud and clear that they are very happy. Mother General reminded the boarders that it was Our Lady who brought them to her very own home and asked them to feel her presence always in their lives, adding that Our Lady loves them as her dear daughters.

She also had few moments with the Salesian Cooperators. Speaking to them, she said that Don Bosco founded their Association, the Salesian Co-operators because he needed help to reach out to the many poor and abandoned children. She then, encouraged them to continue the good work began by Don Bosco in the integral formation of the youth and children whereever they are and to promote the Association to grow and flourish. With this message Mother asked them to remember her in their prayer and promised to do the same for them.

The Sisters, Aspirants and Postulants at Saiden a distance of just one Kilometer from Mawtnum were lining up by the road waving their colourful scarf and greeted Mother for a safe journey. It was a touching scene to behold how everyone wanted to touch the hands of Mother, a sign of receiving her motherly love and  blessing as they bade her good bye.

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