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Mother Yvonne in the midst of a sea of young people

07 April 2017 - 6 April 2017 was a great day of joy, of rejoicing and celebration for the communities of FMA Outreach, Bellefonte and Sacred Heart Mawlai at the visit of our beloved Mother General. All these communities are in Shillong city.

In all the communities the sisters, students, teachers and young people flagged a colourful welcome to her. The students lined up to give our Mother a royal welcome. At all places, she was received by the sisters, young people, priests from the parish, church leaders and government representatives and was given a traditional welcome through gestures, dances and songs. The venues were filled with young people who were happy to see and hear Mother and spontaneously chant a ‘we love you mother.’

It was inspiring to witness Mother General’s love for her daughters. After having met the young people, she found time to be with her sisters. She never seemed to be in haste but lovingly spent time with them. The Novices were also privileged to hear her speaking to them as Mother Mazzarello would. Speaking to young people, she said that she felt at home with them and happy to know them. She exhorted them to be happy and to communicate joy because God infinitely loves them. Mother has stolen the show in all encounters for she won the hearts of everyone with her sweet motherly smile and gentle affectionate ways.

Before leaving Mawlai, Mother General visited the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture (DBCIC). The director, Fr. P.V Joseph, SDB, personally took her to the different galleries. She was happy to get a glimpse of the various culture of the Northeast and was generous in her appreciation of this veritable treasure house that showcases the wonderful diversity and rich heritage of the North Eastern India.



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