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We behold our Mother!

05 April 2017 - Shillong Province resounded with joy and gratitude at the presence of our beloved Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat in their midst. 5 April 2017 saw fifty-three sisters who were privileged to meet Mother at Auxilium Provincial House, Nongthymmai – Shillong. Mother warmly welcomed each and every sister present with a motherly embrace.

The session began with a hymn to the Holy Spirit. In her encounter with the Sisters, La Madre expressed her joy of being among her daughters. Her talk was very simple but deep and meaningful, coming from a mother’s tender love and affection for her daughters and the Institute. She reminded the sisters that our life is characterized by our consecration to Jesus not by the works we do. We are good educators only if we are deeply rooted in Christ. Our Constitutions give us everything we need for our practical life. She also laid stress on Love, which should be the driving force of all that we do in our daily life. With love, everything is possible.  She urged every sister to live fraternity and family spirit in the communities. From her talk, one could understand that Mother keeps herself updated with what is going on in the Church, in our country and our Province. Above all she infused a missionary spirit in the Sisters and encouraged them to opt for missionary ad gentes. Mother Yvonne exalted Mother Mazzarello for her courage to send sisters to South America even though there was great need in Mornese and in a time when the Institute just at its nascent stage.

She concluded with a recommendation to assimilate the Encyclical of Pope Francis entitled Amoris Laetitia to be able to accompany families in our mission and the preparatory booklet for the Synod on the Young to accompany them in their journey. The sisters thanked mother for her filial exhortation and guidance.

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