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Mother, in the midst of the exuberant Auxilium Students

05 April 2017 - 5 April 2017 marked the visit of our beloved La Madre to Auxilium Higher Secondary School. There was indescribable joy and excitement as students lined up from the entrance waiting for the esteemed guest. With a threat from the inclement weather one could see the little ones pray with great devotion to hold back the rain.

Mother made her appearance with an enchanting smile that left everyone spellbound.  Sr. Isabella Suja Provincial, Sr. Elizabeth Thannimoottil Animator of the community along with some sisters accompanied her. The NCC cadets gave a piloting welcome to Mother and escorted her to the podium in a grand style.

It was a lovely sight to behold the rapturous applause of love and welcome when Mother arrived at the venue and was felicitated with a shawl, bouquet of flower, a memento and a gift.  Honouring the revered Mother of the FMA World, the students put up a short but beautiful programme. The love of the young for mother was so evident; they were simply hanging on every word she uttered.  They interrupted her talk every now and then with loving applause. In her massage, Mother Yvonne said it was a great joy for her to be with the young at Auxilium, Shillong.

Mother told them that they are part of the family of the Salesian world; the Salesian sisters who are in the five continents are looking up at them these days because they have become the heart of the world.

With this mother exhorted the young students to have a heart as big as the world, heart of love for all people and to think, see, listen, speak, walk and smile like Jesus.  Further, she reminded them that they must be his presence in the city of Shillong. She concluded her talk saying, ‘I love you’ and to this the student responded ever louder ‘We love you mother.’

There was so much of joy on the faces of all and the students expressed their desire to remain a little longer with Mother. They did not want to let go off her hands, singing happy song  ‘there shall be showers of blessing, waving their hand while trying to get a touch from her. The majestic figure of Mother Yvonne captivated every heart and she too expressed her willingness to fulfill the desire of all the young people who crowded her. Her presence like a magnet draws all young people to her in the style of simplicity, as did Mother Mazzarello.

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