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Inauguration of Auxitech Computer Institute

04 April 2017 - The 4th of April 2017 was a red letter day for Auxilium Home, Nongthymmai; the kind visit of Mother General, the inauguration of Auxitech Computer Institute and the launching of the Hostel website -

On this day Auxilium Home decked itself festively to give a fitting welcome to beloved Mother General.   The beaming faces of the young girls awaited the visit of   mother and on seeing her, they were captivated by her   loving and sweet, smile.  They expressed their joy of her presence with a bouquet of fresh orchid and a song entitled ‘Smiling faces…’ truly sung with smiles and melody. After this Mother was invited to cut the ribbon, inaugurating, Auxitech- Computer Institute, in memory of late Sr. Bernadette Sangma who contributed greatly to the realization of this beautiful hostel. On this occasion the gathering also witnessed the launching of Auxilium Home Website

In her short message Mother was appreciative of the initiative taken by the province   to cater to the present needs of the young people and exhorted the sisters to give a sound technology education to them. To the young people, residing in the hostel, mother exhorted to live the family atmosphere and positively contribute towards it. She gave her motherly advice on how to use communication technology with liberty, to communicate good news and to be positive in our communication.

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